366: Done and Done

And so this 366 Project comes to a close.  It didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it, most notably because it — I — lost focus along the way.  I did experiment with new formats and learned some new things so in the end, it’s all good. 

I’ve copied over the content to my main blog  now I just have to do the same for the pictures.  Once that’s done, this blog will go away.  In he future, I’ll be posting there.

Will I be doing this again for 2017? No. It was a tiring exercise and as I’ve gotten older I’m appreciating the virtues of privacy. Writing a daily blog is more exposure than I really care for.  Besides, the world has changed drastically and for the worse in 2016, and I need the space to reflect and meditate.

Thanks for following. ¡Hasta luego!

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