242: I Caught A Caterpie!

img_20160829_185932.jpgSo far, I’ve largely evaded the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Not that I’m knocking the game — I’ve had my share of weird pastimes when I was younger so I shouldn’t look down on this generation’s entertainment — it’s just that I have other interests to occupy my time now. Like gardening, for instance, one of those Adult Things that I have to do now.

Today being a holiday I finally managed to use the extra time to weed the garden. When I went around to look at our calamansi bush, though, I found that almost all the leaves had been stripped away! And the culprits? Three green caterpillars feasting on the plant. I cut off the branches and put the caterpillars elsewhere, I didn’t feel like squishing them.

My wife said they looked like a Pokemon character. One quick Google search later I found Caterpie. And what do you know, the likeness is uncanny!

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