224: White Noise

img_20160811_194840.jpgI brought the lemon to LBC at Gaisano Mall. The young lady at the counter took one look at it and said: “Lazada?”

I said yes, then I figured: “Hmm, you must process a lot of returns.”

“That’s the way it is,” she said with a laugh.

The processing was fairly quick. She had me fill up the address sticker and she packed the lemon into their bag. I signed the flap and the side. For good measure, she advised me to take a picture of the package, which I in fact had been doing.

I went to Mass at Sta. Ana Church afterwards. Then I had a quick lunch at a fast food joint. The place was packed with students from different schools but luckily I snagged a table for myself. I realized I was awash in the murmur of sound, something I’m not so used to, not since I became a coding monk. I took a two minute clip of the white noise, and that’s what you’ll hear here.

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