198: Quiet Time

img_20160716_083752.jpgA rather quiet Saturday spent mostly at home with the chores, with reading, and with exercise. Emily made a good breakfast, as you can see from the picture. I swam seven laps on an Olympic-sized pool. I changed the light bulbs in my study area. Quiet, just quiet.

Today was also the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I am happy to say I completed the nine day novena prior and wrapped it up with the Mass this morning. Bishop Valles was the main celebrant and homilist.

Today’s poem is Pedagogic by Cirilo Bautista. Not his best one, in my opinion, because it is, well, pedagogic. I don’t know if that’s intentional. The metaphor is forced and the slant rhyme at the end — dolor / color — doesn’t make things any better.

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