188: The Not-Yet-A-Traveller

img_20160706_210052_1.jpgOn a fairly empty jeepney ride, I eavesdropped on two young people in conversation. They were talking about travel to different places. The half that was the young man had been all over — “I think Pagadian is the only place I haven’t been to yet,” he said. The other half, a young woman, lamented wistfully: “The farthest I’ve been is to Nabunturan.”

To you, young miss, I offer this prayer: that the winds and your feet take you far, that you meet many friends and have many adventures, and that you always find your way home. Amen.

Tonight’s poem is Prospectus to the Author’s Incomplete Fat Volume on “The Achievement of Balagtas” by E. San Juan Jr. San Juan is another author I am not familiar with, but he has quite the selection of poems in A Native Clearing. I found this testy piece, a riposte to Filipino-only literature, quite amusing.

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