184: Ferry Crossing

So my poetry recording project continues apace. This is Ferry Crossing by Dinah Roma from her collection Naming the Ruins. I met the poet at her book launch in Davao a couple of years back.

Sea voyages are a common theme among Philippine poets and Dinah Roma follows in that tradition. The body of the poem is a meditation on water, massive and unfathomable, of which we only catch a glimpse of the surface. Is this a metaphor for the poet’s art? Of a relationship? Of language and its insufficiency to grasp what we truly mean?

On the whole I like this challenge that I’ve set for myself. Poetry has been my weak spot and it may be that I have only been reading them mentally. Reading aloud is a new experience and a potentially embarrassing one. However, this exercise is getting me closer to the poem and making me think. How shall I read this? With what tone and inflection? What mood should I be trying to convey?

I’m not quite there yet. I think my reading is still too mechanical. But what the hey, practice makes perfect.

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