174: X

Today was Day 2 of my crash course for our new hires. Owing to administrative snafu, our new computers did not arrive. I resurrected one of our older machines — eight years old and counting! — and got Lubuntu running on it. Since we were still missing one other unit, I brought my monitor and my Raspberry Pi from home and used them as a thin client over plain old X. There was some minor lag every now and then, whether because of the underpowered CPU of the desktop or because of the underpowered CPU of the Raspberry Pi (or some combination of both, maybe?) Still, it was a working configuration and our new employees were able to use them for the training.

We went through Grails today. Just enough so my trainees get an idea of how the whole framework is put together. We built some small textbook applications and tinkered around with them. I have to admit, Grails is starting to look pretty nice. Sorry, Django.

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