169: Code Review

img_20160617_173722.jpgWe held a code review at the office today. My former student J– and our colleague K– led the walkthrough, and they did it quite well, considering the complexity of the source. We turned up a couple of minor issues here and there but that was the whole point of the exercise. Overall it was a fruitful endeavor. I have a greater admiration for our product, for Java, and for J–. Now I am the student.

The entire team had lunch at Gangnam. It was something spontaneous. As we were going down for our noon break, I brought my keys with me because I left my wallet in the car. “Want to go to Abreeza instead?” I asked. Nods all around. So we all piled in and off we went.

The servings were smaller than I remembered the past few times I had been there, but it was a good impromptu activity to build camaraderie.

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