140: My Cup Runneth Over

For someone who’s supposed to be quitting his job today was exceptionally busy at work. Because of the number of things left to do, I decided to spend the entire day at Ateneo. Quite a good thing, too. Tomorrow we’re presenting our work on the Mindanao Open Data Archive and we still had a couple of kinks to work out on the new server. If all else fails, we go back to the old server, but I’d rather not. I conferred with B– on the remaining problems and we got them ironed out, finally. Later in the afternoon, I briefed the survey team on the use of SDAPS. Again more work yet remaining, not the least of which involves streamlining a questionnaire with close to 1,800 data points. I am lucky to have J– working with me on this.

Today was also graduation day for our Art of Poetry MOOC class. Unfortunately only N— and K– from the external participants came to attend (the rest were the library staff.) N– read a delightfully sassy Hiligaynon poem, also with an English translation. I met the US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer and the guys running the American Spaces office in Manila. We had a nice chat about the program. And I got a lot of loot, the best of which was A Bountiful Harvest: The Midwestern Farm Photographs of Pete Wettach, 1925-1965, a lovely coffee table book.

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