115: The Presidential Debates

img_20160424_105442-01-01.jpegUnlike the past two debates where I simply got snippets through the news and social media, I invested time to listen to today’s debate live and in its entirety. Mar Roxas absolutely owned this debate. Reasons:

  1. He was very well-prepared with his figures and very specific with his examples.
  2. He addressed each regular joe interpellator directly. The only other candidate to do that was Binay, albeit somewhat condescendingly.
  3. He challenged Duterte’s careless general accusation (on PhilHealth coverage in Davao) and got the mayor to back down.
  4. He presented common-sense solutions to lingering problems — opening embassies during weekends and removing X-ray machines from the pre-departure area.

Mar Roxas was also the only one to talk about job creation and was very specific about which jobs. And the real kicker: Mar Roxas was the only candidate to talk about family.

Also the only candidate to quote Batman.

My heart broke every time I heard Miriam speak. I am happy she’s better, but she looked tired. I am glad Duterte was gracious and gallant to her, asking her simply: “How are you?” Otherwise that could have been handled as a challenge to her candidacy on grounds of health. But her shining moment was when she set the stage for Mar Roxas to explain why he was best suited for the presidency. Now that was gracious indeed.

My choice for president is Mar Roxas. If you don’t like him, that’s fine. I would then urge you to vote for Miriam. It doesn’t matter that she chose Bongbong Marcos for vice-president, I won’t judge her for that.

I gave Doggie a bath and a powder massage today. She’s one happy doggie.

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