104: Drawstring

img_20160413_094414_1-01.jpegEmily drove me to Ateneo this morning. She didn’t need to because she didn’t have any errands downtown. But the power went out at around 9:00AM and it would probably have lasted till noon. Going out was something to do.

That’s our life now, ruled by brownout schedules.

img_20160413_172350-01.jpegComing home, Emily surprised me with apple pie. She made the crust with walnuts and so it was exceptionally good. I have not quite enjoyed crust on any pie as I have today.

img_20160413_200433_1-01.jpegThe brownout struck again just as we were about to have dinner. We ate in the dark. After dinner, Emily had an errand to E–‘s house. With nothing to do, I decided to go with her. I was feeling lazy, though, and perhaps a little dazed from the heat. I put on a ratty t-shirt and I didn’t bother getting a belt for my shorts.

On the drive to E–‘s, Emily said: “Let’s go to Abreeza.” Sheepishly I told her about my problem.

“Well, let’s buy a belt!”

“That’s expensive. My belts are still good!”

We thought about the problem for a bit. Then it hit me: “Can you ask for some rope from E–?”

Of such decisions are misadventures made. Of all the days when I’m at my grungiest — with only rope holding up my shorts (hidden by my t-shirt, thankfully) — that’s when we meet so many friends and acquaintances. I counted two professors from our School of Business and A– from the book club, fortunately none of whom noticed me. But we did bump into Uncle B– and Aunt V–, and Prof. Ric de Ungria. Happily they did not notice the drawstrings.

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