101: Bunny

img_20160410_160628-01.jpegEmily made a birthday cake and we delivered it to Marco Polo this afternoon. Much as I like her take on established cartoon properties, I like her original stuff more. This one has a storybook quality to it, akin to Beatrix Potter, but it’s all her.

img_20160410_162133-01.jpegEmily’s flowers have been getting more elaborate and delicate as well. There’s still the cartoony touch, which is her style.

img_20160410_194903-01.jpegWe had dinner at Little Nam over at Rowi Square. In a row now dominated by Japanese restaurants, Little Nam stands out for its Vietnamese food. We ordered a pho and spring rolls. Overall, quite excellent albeit somewhat pricey for its range (a little under P200 per person). Still, would go back to try out the other selections in the menu.

I woke up at 4:00AM so I could wrap up Fall of Hyperion. I finished the book, all right. Although it was quite imaginative and enjoyable, it got sort of silly and outrageous towards the end. As I wrote yesterday, it seemed a bit more conventional space opera. The resolution for earlier setups seemed a bit contrived, though Simmons lampshades this by calling in deus ex machina. In retrospect, I think the book could have been shorter and much snappier without losing its basic plot. But I guess that’s Dan Simmons’ style.

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