082: Departures

img_20160322_074700.jpgWith the San Jose reunion done, it was time to bid our visiting relatives adieu. Uncle N– and Auntie I– were flying back to Dumaguete by way of Cebu today; I woke up early to bring them to the airport. While waiting, I also saw this group of well-wishers sending their own relatives off.

At work at The Other Office for most of the day today, and unfortunately not at full capacity. Hard enough that I have to get back into the groove after some time away, I have also had to deal with my own lack of sleep.

We had house guests today as Emily was hosting the despedida de soltera for one of her friends. A– and B– brought their 9-year-old son B–. I spent most of the evening entertaining the guy. We played: Star Fluxx, Crimsonland, Bastion, Mage Knight, Hot Wheels, and Nerf Guns. A true connoisseur, B– is.

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