076: An Afternoon at the Museum

img_20160316_142627-01.jpegEmily and I spent the afternoon at Ayala Museum. On display this month are never-before-publicly-displayed works of National Artist Ang Kiukok. Ang Kiukok is a Davao-born painter and a family friend of the Lim’s. The Lim family also have a few Kiukok pieces.

Not to namedrop but this morning, Kiukok’s son and his wife, A– and H–, actually paid a visit to Emily’s Aunt J–, at whose house we’re staying this trip. They came by to drop off a restored painting. I only met them briefly. The web of relationships boggles the mind.

For lunch, we ate at a Chinese restaurant called Xilaimen. This is in Robinson’s Magnolia. Throughout March, they’ve had this P250 eat-all-you-can dimsum offer running from 11AM to 2PM. The food was excellent and well worth it. Would go back again…if only we weren’t so full.

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