366: Done and Done

And so this 366 Project comes to a close.  It didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it, most notably because it — I — lost focus along the way.  I did experiment with new formats and learned some new things so in the end, it’s all good. 

I’ve copied over the content to my main blog  now I just have to do the same for the pictures.  Once that’s done, this blog will go away.  In he future, I’ll be posting there.

Will I be doing this again for 2017? No. It was a tiring exercise and as I’ve gotten older I’m appreciating the virtues of privacy. Writing a daily blog is more exposure than I really care for.  Besides, the world has changed drastically and for the worse in 2016, and I need the space to reflect and meditate.

Thanks for following. ¡Hasta luego!

363: Host

Tonight I played host to the Davao Writers Guild for our annual Christmas party. I don’t usually have people over so this occasion was a rarity. I went about the preparations in my own very guy fashion: no frills basic. Still, I don’t think I did too badly. I borrowed tables and chairs from my sister and they came with colorful tablecloths. Distinguished guests tonight included Tita Lacambra Ayala, Aida Rivera Ford, and Macario Tiu, not to mention other guild stalwarts. It was fun playing host.

For our potluck I prepared slow-cooked pulled beef spare ribs. It would have been pulled pork but I remembered that we might have a Muslim member over so I changed recipes. The dish was a success because most of it was gone by the end of the night. What can I say except…yata!

362: First of Forty Seven

And so, the first day of the rest of my life. But doesn’t that describe every day?

Unlike previous years, I spent most of today at work. Nothing overly stressful, just acceptance tests to go through and some bugs to fix. Since we were shorthanded owing to some colleagues off on vacation leave, I pitched in with a couple of my own patches and commits. I don’t think I’m suited to this type of work anymore. My eyesight is getting worse, my concentration is shot, and my retention is woefully short. But we all must do what we can to get by. Just this last mile to go, I think, one last push, and then….

361: Last of Forty Six

I spent the afternoon putting this solar-powered robot together. Emily gave this to me as a just-because present a few months ago and I never really had the time to assemble it till today. It’s pretty neat because it has three different modes: robot, scorpion, and tank. So far I haven’t switched to anything other than robot mode, though. And yes, the solar cell does work but it requires a fair bit of sunlight to run the tiny motor.

I transferred all of the past entries from this 2016 blog over to my main web site, www.villageidiotsavant.com. I will likely shut down and delete the 2016 project by the end of January, after I copy over all the pictures. This was an interesting experiment, but a little draining. I don’t think I’ll do it again, at least not in this form. I am old and blogs are dead.

360: Saving Christmas

Despite the grimness which followed me like a dark cloud throughout most of Advent, I felt that I managed to recover the Christmas spirit towards the end, after all. What made the difference was ultimately the Misa de Gallo. I completed the nine days this year, though there were two near misses when my alarm clock didn’t go off. My mind wasn’t entirely on the Mass, and oftentimes I was dozing off during the homily. But complete it I did and imperfect as my participation may have been, Mass always brings with it its own grace.

It helped, too, that during the vigil Mass last night, the Redemptorist seminarians staged a mini-concert between services. It was good to hear Christmas songs, traditional Christmas songs, being sung. They sang it quite well, too. (Markedly absent this year was any form of Christmas carol, no one even bothered to send us a solicitation envelope anymore.)

And to top it off, here’s a Christmas puppy.

Merry Christmas!

357: Agradecimiento

Cuando siento debil, realizo que necesito contar las cosas buenas que me han pasado. Entonces, presento una lista corta:

  • Mi vida, por todo lo que he corrido, y mi salud
  • Mi familia: mi esposa, mis padres, mis hermanas, y mis sobrinos
  • Mis amigos, los compañeros a lo largo de mi camino
  • Mi educacion y mis trabajos
  • Mis obras, ambas en las informaticas y en las artes
  • Dagmay, que no me di cuenta había hecho mucho por la literatura filipina
  • Mis perritas
  • Mi collecion de libros y juegos, mas de lo que puedo leer y jugar
  • Que no tengo preoccupaciones muchos
  • El regalo de tiempo

Y ahora, ya siento bien.